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Embrace Them Thighs

So often women are bombarded by images of super skinny women whose thighs never seem to touch.

And for whatever reason we as women try to achieve this even if it involves unhealthy manners.

Well I’m here to let you know if your thighs touch it’s okay!

My thighs touch, my friend’s thighs touch, my mom’s thighs touch, and probably 99% of women’s THIGHS TOUCH!

The women of Girls Gone Strong

Elisabeth Akinwale– aka badass Crossfitter!

Dove Skincare campaign for Real Beauty


Yours truly!

Get the picture?! 🙂

For me it’s easier to embrace that my thighs touch because it represents a strong, powerful base but for others it’s a little more difficult so check out what Juli Bauer of PaleOMG has to say….

Here’s a raw,uncut article I found by Juli on “Embracing Them Thighs

Until Next Time,

Grind Hard Live Fit


Stronger than Yesterday

Nutrition Challenge Results:
Ok so I’ve officially completed the Whole30 Nutrition challenge and below is a look at my results! Going into the final weigh-in I was kind of nervous and felt like a contestant on the biggest loser…hahaha (side-note: I hate that show)
I joked around that I was doing a last chance workout at the office by tap dancing, LOL. It definitely burned atleast 1 calorie!!
Anywho, all jokes aside I was pretty happy with my results and as I’ve stated all along with the challenge my biggest moments were when I started to feel like “Me” again!
I’ve decided to support some friends who wanted to do the challenge for another 30 days, so I’m still in sugar, grain, & dairy rehab until August 10th.
We have started our own blog at 30daystogorgeous.wordpress.com


Ok so the fist bump of the week for me comes from today’s workout which was a lovely couplet!

WOD: Rope n Run
1600m run
4 rope climbs – 18ft mark
1200m run
3 rope climbs
800m run
2 rope climbs
400m run
1 rope climb

Ok so I’ve only been doing Crossfit WOD’s at an affiliate for 8 weeks and today was a HOORAH moment for me!
I can remember the day when I was sitting, watching other classes climb the rope with ease. I can also remember the day I tried to climb survive the rope and just ended up holding on for dear life and flailing awkwardly. I can also remember the time I had to scale the workout to the 10ft mark because I got tired so quick and didn’t want to risk plummeting to the ground! Then I started to string together 1-2 climbs to higher marks, 12ft & 15ft. Even here it was quite the challenge for me to do consecutive climbs. So to be where I am today, climbing consecutively to the 18 ft mark is much more than HOORAH it’s a HELL YEAH!!!
By the time of the last climb I scurried up the rope so fast I shocked myself!

So this type of performance progression combined with my physical changes are what keeps me motivated to be STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!!

Until next time,
Grind Hard Live Fit

Let’s Chat!

Nutrition Challenge
Well the end of week 4 of the Whole30 nutrition challenge has come and today was supposed to be “weigh-in” day, but the lady who does the screening was sick so it’ll have to wait for a few more days. Looks like I’ll be having sweet potatoes for breakfast a little bit longer 🙂
The post-challenge physical benchmark testing is tomorrow & the screening is set for Tuesday evening so hopefully I’ll know my results by then.
I’m thinking of extending the Whole30 for another cycle with some friends from my gym & see what it brings!
If you’re interested in joining let me know!!
This week was a little out of the ordinary due to the holiday, so I was able to relax a bit more & work less!
Things will probably be getting hectic soon at Fashletics, since “boss lady” will be out of town at the CrossFit Games that are happening this upcoming weekend. I just hope I don’t go in one day and Alex & I see that there’s like 500 orders. Haha. While it’s awesome for business, that would be insane.
Only 3 more weeks of summer school & then I get a “break” for a month!!! We had to watch a movie called Lord of War with Nicolas Cage. Very interesting & recommended.
I also have entered the “Summer of the YES!” which basically is a thing between my friends & me where we do things that we normally would’ve said, “I’d never do that!”
Some things will be shared here and some things won’t. 😉
It will basically entail dating & my journey away from Team Single, adventures, spur of the “momentness”, & living life to the fullest!
Should be a fun ride 🙂
A year ago today I decided to cut off all my hair and start “new”. I remember when it was SUPER short and I could barely grab any hair, now it’s a mini-fro and when it’s stretched it reaches down to my eye!
Side by side comparisons are on my instagram @kendraj86
Friday & Saturday were HEAVY volume days!
• Clean & Jerk skill work building up from 53lbs to 113lbs, working on getting under the bar and my split jerk. I felt less awkward with the clean so that’s good, the squat is easy for me, the jerk just needs practice.
5 rounds for time of:
9 DB Hang Squat Cleans
200m run with 40lb sandbag
12 Handstand Pushups
305 Challenge:
We had a little challenge at the box for the fastest partner 5K row switching every 500m with a free t-shirt as the prize!
Brings me back to the ol’ glory days….haha. But yeah the competitive energy was flowing and so after the workout I did the challenge too. I was constantly checking the online scoreboard to see the results….Luckily our scores held up and we won for the fastest mixed team @ 305!! Yeah buddy T-shirts!!! LOL
Needless to say after all that I crashed on the couch and barely moved.
• Lifting
Snatch: skill work/progression
I’m working on keeping the bar close to my body and getting a full hip extension & again getting under the bar.
This movement is still new to me so I go light working from 43lbs and up in increments of 5’s.
Front Squats: I’m a lot stronger here just b/c I’ve put more time into it. Goal was to do 4 sets of 4; started at 110 and went up in 20lb increments. I got to rep 2 @ 170 & decided to rack it. Another day!
• WOD: partner 3 min AMRAP of:
Pull ups
Then 1 min rest
Deadlifts (225/185)
Then 1 min rest
Prowler sled push with 90lbs.
• Midline: Hollow rocks and rocking supermans.
Needless to say Sunday rest day was well earned. I thought I would be a lot more sore but I feel good!
Well things will be getting back to “normal” slightly this week, so I’ll see how my energy levels hold up.
Until next time,
Grind Hard Live Fit

OOFD–Two-a-day Tuesday

This weeks O.O.F.D. (Outfit of the Day)

Last week I polled my tweeps asking if they are “matchy matchy” when they go to the gym or do they just grab whatever and get their sweat on?!

For the most part people are “matchy matchy”

For me it really depends…most of the time I try not to look like a bum since I’m a frequent visitor but it depends on my mood and whether I’m “feelin” it. If I feel like a baby hippo, I more than likely will rock the t-shirt and b-ball shorts but if I’m feeling “sassy” WATCH OUT! 🙂

And then there’s the other part of my day when I’m not at the gym and in the office and I try to dress “normal” since people mostly see me in spandex and Dri-fit gear.

So I named thisTwo-a-day Tuesday for a few reasons:

  • I sweat twice today
  • I shower twice today
  • I eat twice today times 3 😉

Now let’s get down to the fashion…

So I kinda remembered to photograph my outfits after I already got dressed for work so…the first outfit of the day is borrowed from a previous workout, but you get the gist 🙂

Outfit #1

  • Orange Nike Tank
  • Blue Nike Booty Shorts
  • Bright Orange socks and Blue Nike Free’s

 ^^ Matchy Matchy overload!

Outfit #2

For the most part my outfits are based around the SHOE!

^^ Today’s selection was a fabulous sky high, black patent peep toe stiletto! The higher the heel the closer to Jesus…AMEN!

I knew I wanted to wear my black pencil skirt and the rest of the outfit just sorta came together after that

  • Black Pencil Skirt
  • White Tank top
  • Black & Grey Striped sweater
  • Chunky Black belt <—- It’s VITAL that you pull the belt within an inch of your life, take one last breath and pull a little farther to get the “cinched” waist look!

Fun little accesories to jazz it up a bit!

Necklace!Silver Bangles

The grand finale….

Outfit #3

  • Basic Black Leggings
  • My “Swagga” T-shirt
  • Highlighter/Neon/Bright as he!! sports bra & P!nk HOT SOX
  • Blueish/Purpley Nike Free’s

The look: 

Hate the exercises, but love the results!

LOVE & HATE….. both 4 letter words but with two totally different emotions!

According to Wikipedia:
• Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
• Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike, directed against a certain object or class of objects.

I was asked to participate in a blog share with some friends and this was the topic of discussion: 5 exercises I love to hate.

Well for most they enjoy training a specific body part for one reason or the other, usually because it either brings the most pain or pleasure. So here’s a rundown of the 5 pesky little exercises that make me want to drop kick em’ in the box!

1)Crossover Step Ups…..I’m sure without a doubt these are some form of torture in a small desolate country where they can’t hear you screaming! Yes it’s that awful to me…haha. Check out the YouTube video if you haven’t had the joy of experiencing this yet!
Upside: it will fire up every muscle fiber in your quad, glute and hamstring. <<>>

2) Walking dumbbell lunges >:-{ It’s not even like I have to do an obscene amount of these. I usually do around 4 sets of 10-12, but for whatever reason when I look at my training journal and see these up next I immediately become a wee bit helluva lot less excited, that is until I hit rep 12 of set 4. Then all is right in the world again!!!

3) Quad Blast…doesn’t it just sound like oodles of fun?!?
It’s a combination exercise that will guarantee you to walk with a lil hitch in your step! It consists of bodyweight squats, bodyweight lunges, bodyweight split squat jumps and bodyweight jump squats all lined up in a lovely row back2back!
Upside: TBD 😉

4) Split lunges or Bulgarian lunges. I think it’s safe to safe any form of lunges will get two thumbs down .

5) Hack Squat…another crowd favorite, if by crowd you mean evil little trolls. I think I was immediately turned off to these once I had to superset them with Romanian Deadlifts. I still remember that day ;(.

So it seems to be any lower body exercise including my quads, hamstrings or glutes will be a part of my LOVE 2 HATE list but oddly enough my legs are uber strong and solid. Heh go figure 🙂

Hate the exercises, but love the results!

I am not alone with loving and hating; check out what Alli, Kari, Tiffany, Dawn, Liz, Jennifer, and Colleen , Donloree love to hate!