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Flip the Switch!

Sometimes it’s good to re-visit the past to remind you of what you’ve accomplished and to keep you motivated for the future!

I’m not quite sure what it is but I have these moments where the I “Flip the Switch” and feel unstoppable and motivated.

Make today that day for YOU! 🙂
This just so happens to be my story….and this too!

Before #1 2008 This was after college.

After #1  2008 I was so excited to see that I actually do have abs!

Before Round 2  2009 Smacked by reality after a summer of little activity & lots of cookies!

After #2 2010-Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would look like this, good thing I have crazier dreams 😉

Just a little reminder that it’s never to late to start, never to late to pick yourself up after you fall, and never to late to want MORE!


Grind Hard Live Fit 😉



So I often get asked A LOT when will be my next competition and for the most part my answer is TBD. I had wanted a mental reprieve from the comp scene and wasn’t in any rush to get back on stage after the Arnold.

BUT I couldn’t hide for long and so I have FINALLY decided on when my next show will be! I’m really excited to get back into a regimen and FOCUS!

The show I have selected will be June 16-18 here in Miami! It will be with a different organization than my usual NPC so I’m slightly nervous about it but I’m sure I will get a TON of support from my “Fit Fam” to help me along the way!!!

That gives me about 11.5 weeks to prep the best ME possible!!
I have decided since I will be “getting back on the wagon” to enlist a little motivational support.

For each week I have selected a motivational word to help when the “Goin gets TOUGH”

The word of the week is…..FOCUS!

The first week of workouts and diet will probably/definitely be HARD since I’ve been willy nilly for the past few weeks. But if it was easy, everyone would do it!

Until next time……
-Grind Hard Live Fit-