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Embrace Them Thighs

So often women are bombarded by images of super skinny women whose thighs never seem to touch.

And for whatever reason we as women try to achieve this even if it involves unhealthy manners.

Well I’m here to let you know if your thighs touch it’s okay!

My thighs touch, my friend’s thighs touch, my mom’s thighs touch, and probably 99% of women’s THIGHS TOUCH!

The women of Girls Gone Strong

Elisabeth Akinwale– aka badass Crossfitter!

Dove Skincare campaign for Real Beauty


Yours truly!

Get the picture?! 🙂

For me it’s easier to embrace that my thighs touch because it represents a strong, powerful base but for others it’s a little more difficult so check out what Juli Bauer of PaleOMG has to say….

Here’s a raw,uncut article I found by Juli on “Embracing Them Thighs

Until Next Time,

Grind Hard Live Fit


I won’t be hungry!

Someone asked the question the other day….

As a competitor do you plan prep/comp around your life or your life around comps?

For me I plan prep around my life. There is ALWAYS something coming up that makes the “prep life” less than ideal. Whether it’s a special event, dinner with friends, work, school, LIFE. So I always have to plan ahead to ensure I’m staying on track.

This week I just happen to have a work event that will require me to be away for several days. The first thing I think about is how many meals, where will I train, what will I have to adjust in my schedule to make it all fit?! Usually anything over 24 hours makes me wanna poke my eye out since each additional day means prepping 6 more meals. LOL. I loathe meal prep!

BUT it’s life and if I want to achieve my goals I gotta “Suck it up, Buttercup!”

So that leads me to tonight! Most people are enjoying the last bit of their weekend by lounging on their couch or relaxing. ME? hahahaha I’m in the kitchen with the radio blasting trying to make meal prep as fun least miserable as possible. Once I get in a groove things begin to run like a well oiled machine and in the end I’m glad that I won’t have to think about packing food for the next several days!

There are several things I’ve realized with having to plan for “eating on the road”:

  • I can eat ANYTHING cold!
  • If I have a spoon/fork it’s a good day!
  • My day is surrounded by a  crap ton of Ziploc baggies and plastic Tupperware
  • I will NOT be hungry due to a lack of meals!

On the road again….

So if you travel often & are using it as an excuse to ruin all your previous hard work…..find a new excuse because “that ish ain’t cutting it!”


Grind Hard Live Fit 🙂


I’m wrapping up week 3 and the theme for this week was COURAGE!


– idiom 1. to act in accordance with one’s beliefs, esp. in spite of criticism

You ever have that day, week, month moment where you feel like others are challenging you’re courage?!

The courage that you convinced yourself you had when you decided to diet, train and live a healthier lifestyle?!? The constant “interview” that takes place when you pull out some protein powder or chicken from your purse? The on-going invitations to have “just one bite”?!

Don’t these people know I am striving for greatness?!?

Well I’ve come to realize that “they know not what they do!”
This is my way of rationalizing that the people in my life wouldn’t try to criticize or de-rail my path and are just overall curious. Haha.

So if you’re on a journey to a better YOU I challenge you to maintain this COURAGE despite criticism. It’s often those who want your courage that will criticize!

Until next time…..
-Grind Hard Live Fit-