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Embrace Them Thighs

So often women are bombarded by images of super skinny women whose thighs never seem to touch.

And for whatever reason we as women try to achieve this even if it involves unhealthy manners.

Well I’m here to let you know if your thighs touch it’s okay!

My thighs touch, my friend’s thighs touch, my mom’s thighs touch, and probably 99% of women’s THIGHS TOUCH!

The women of Girls Gone Strong

Elisabeth Akinwale– aka badass Crossfitter!

Dove Skincare campaign for Real Beauty


Yours truly!

Get the picture?! 🙂

For me it’s easier to embrace that my thighs touch because it represents a strong, powerful base but for others it’s a little more difficult so check out what Juli Bauer of PaleOMG has to say….

Here’s a raw,uncut article I found by Juli on “Embracing Them Thighs

Until Next Time,

Grind Hard Live Fit


Updates Round 1

Well it’s been about a week into my training and this is my report:
• I haven’t done an “official weigh-in” (I moved the scale so I could sweep)
• I haven’t measured my body with my handy dandy tape (except my boobs…lol random)
• I have taken ZERO progress pics (except the goofy, fun faces in the mirror) O_o
Most people will think this is a set-up for failure but it has been just the opposite.

Here’s why:
• I buttoned up an old pair of pants that were once way to tight.
• I have given my mind a mental break from the fuckery that was food & body obsessed guilt.
• I have been busy living life!

So all in all that looks like a WIN, WIN, WIN 🙂

Random P.S.: I know the “stigma” is that if you reveal your wish it won’t come true but….IDGAF (<– figure it out, try Google).
Anyway, every time I come across the clock at "11:11" I wish for: Health, Happiness and Courage!

Good Night, Good Morning!


Flip the Switch!

Sometimes it’s good to re-visit the past to remind you of what you’ve accomplished and to keep you motivated for the future!

I’m not quite sure what it is but I have these moments where the I “Flip the Switch” and feel unstoppable and motivated.

Make today that day for YOU! 🙂
This just so happens to be my story….and this too!

Before #1 2008 This was after college.

After #1  2008 I was so excited to see that I actually do have abs!

Before Round 2  2009 Smacked by reality after a summer of little activity & lots of cookies!

After #2 2010-Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would look like this, good thing I have crazier dreams 😉

Just a little reminder that it’s never to late to start, never to late to pick yourself up after you fall, and never to late to want MORE!


Grind Hard Live Fit 😉