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Dream The Impossible

Every 4 years, the world’s most exceptional athletes gather in a new location to display their athletic talents.

The Summer Olympic Games is the single most exciting event in my opinion. The sheer excellence associated with being an OLYMPIAN is something I could only ever dream about. The excitement, build up, and energy associated with watching someone who has put their everything into the last four years for their moment is something I can’t even put into words.

As a child, it was one my biggest dreams to one day be an Olympian!

Perfect 10!

I’ve had fleeting moments of possibility with chances in 2008 to join the Junior U.S. Rowing camps and in 2011 at tryouts for the U.S. Bobsled team, but it never transpired to anything unfortunately.

The other day my mom sent me a message and it reminded me to “Dream the Impossible, Until it’s Your Reality!”

Dream the Impossible, Until it’s Your Reality!

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make it the Olympics, but if I ever get the chance……Yeaaahhhh buddy!


Side note: I’ll take working for the Olympics as a small consolation prize aka DREAM JOB!

It encompasses everything I love: Sports, Travel, Entertainment, Passion & Honor.


Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit



Tonight was definitely a BGP session!

BGP = Big Girl Panties 🙂

Some days you gotta suit up and put on your BGP’s and grind it out like someone owes you some money AND just stepped on your dog. 

The squat rack was STILL broke phi broke at the big gym so I had to head to the dungeon —->

Today I def had a fire lit under my booty during my AM session and needed a little extra push to finish off my sweatastic Tuesday!

Now at the dungeon there are no baby plates (#2.5’s) well there is ONE but that doesn’t bode well for symmetry. Somewhere someone is getting SWOLE with a single #2.5 lb plate. Watch out folks!! 

So I had to make an executive decision in the squat rack either I could finish off with 3 sets of #175 or I could put on some BGP’s and stack em up! 

Well I’m a betting girl so I added the #25 plate and unracked it…

So as I stood there with #185 on my back. I had one speed GO!

Moves like Jagger

I busted out 8 reps!!!
Woohoo flying high only #15 lbs from my goal!!! 

Oh and I wasn’t done yet. By now i had so much freaking adrenaline pumping through my body in conjunction with a bombass playlist I decided to go for BGP’s Round #2 on deadlifts!

Yes Ma’am [#195 X 10] for 3 sets!

In the mix was also a bunch of scintillating quad & hamstring thrashing but these were my “big” lifts!

Anywho needless to say I was one drop of sweat away from filling an Olympic size swimming pool!
Team USA!!


Shoutout to all my Muscle Building Chica’s out there lifting HEAVY!