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Take the Challenge

It seems like every post I make I start off with, “I haven’t written a blog post in forever”. Oh well life happens!

Life is busy, busy, busy

I’m in school, working and hitting the gym.

I have 6 weeks left of summer school in one class and 2 days left in another class….CAN NOT WAIT!

I’m working 40 hours/week at an office (slow death)

I’ll hopefully be starting a new internship soon, which I’m very excited about!! (Details to come)

I train between 5-6 days per week, depending on how my body feels.

Since April I’ve been going to a “new gym” It’s not your typical globo-gym though. I’ve started doing CrossFit and I’m addicted! I’m a member at CrossFit 305 and it’s a perfect fit for me.

For me CrossFit works better than bodybuilding. Lots of people have their opinion on the subject and that’s perfectly fine, but I do what’s best for me 🙂

The thing I like best about CrossFit is that it feeds my competitive, athletic nature. I found with bodybuilding there was more of an aesthetic goal versus a performance goal. I’m challenged daily with a group of people where some are stronger than others but we push each other!

I have several goals with my training and I’m very excited about them. I’m very interested in learning new lifting techniques such as the olympic lifts, gymnastics skill work, and overall strength & endurance and this allows me to do so.

Some people have asked if I will be doing anymore fitness/bodybuilding competitions and the short answer is…not right now. It just doesn’t interest me. It was a fun experience, I met a lot of great people but I just don’t “love” it right now.

I am currently on Day 1 of a nutrition challenge with my box and it adheres to the Whole 30 nutritional guidelines.
It’s a 30 day challenge to change the way you eat and enhance your health.

I’ve been doing nutritional programming for a few weeks now via Leigh Ann Yeagerso the challenge won’t be a huge adjustment for me. I’ll just have to make a few changes, with the main one being grains. I’ve eaten oatmeal for breakfast every day for the better part of 2.5 years so this will be interesting, haha.

I enjoy working with Leigh Ann because she’s supportive of my goals & interests.

The challenge includes a pre & post body scan so it’ll be interesting to see where my numbers fall in July.

Other than that not much else to report…hahaha


Freakin’ PUMPed!

OMG I’m so freaking pumped!
Just leaving the gym and I’m skipping like a little kid 🙂
Tonight I was FINALLY able to move up pass the #50’s on DB incline press and use the #55’s and then I finished up with a little front squat progression with a friend. We started at #115 and ended up at #185 !!!!!!!! Holy Balls! YES 😉

That’s what friends are for

I recently found myself getting into a funk and got some much needed “words” from a few friends. 🙂

One from a guy friend who bluntly put like guys often do, “Girl bring your butt! You need to be training on ALL cylinders like a swim suit bodybuilder!” “I’m here to motivate and be a partner for your goals.” I couldn’t help but laugh & think to myself, “Thank you!”

One from a girl friend: She messaged me frazzled about life and trying to balance it all. I usually can give great advice but if I were to echo my own advice that would be a good start too. I told her, “Try focusing on one area and make small goals within that.”
Our areas of focus are Career, Personal and Physical (Fitness) life. For me I’m planning on focusing on Physical, then Career, then Personal. The amount of confidence you carry when you, “Look good, feel good” might be vain & shallow to most but for me it isn’t.

She then told me her mini-goals within the main goal and asked me mine and I replied, “Oh…. idk.” This was NOT okay…lol. She blurted out NO, you have to know or how else will you know how you’re doing. Touché!

So my mini-physical goal is to lose 10 lbs. by the end of March! That’s 43 days away! I know in order to do this I have to be consistent with my nutrition, training and recovery.

So maybe you’re in a funk of your own or struggling to make your goals a reality. Try breaking them up into mini-goals and setting concrete, tangible goals and then tell someone about them! I really feel the last step is crucial, having others who support you aware of what you’re working on makes you more accountable.

That’s all for now….

Grind Hard Live Fit

Updates Round 1

Well it’s been about a week into my training and this is my report:
• I haven’t done an “official weigh-in” (I moved the scale so I could sweep)
• I haven’t measured my body with my handy dandy tape (except my boobs…lol random)
• I have taken ZERO progress pics (except the goofy, fun faces in the mirror) O_o
Most people will think this is a set-up for failure but it has been just the opposite.

Here’s why:
• I buttoned up an old pair of pants that were once way to tight.
• I have given my mind a mental break from the fuckery that was food & body obsessed guilt.
• I have been busy living life!

So all in all that looks like a WIN, WIN, WIN 🙂

Random P.S.: I know the “stigma” is that if you reveal your wish it won’t come true but….IDGAF (<– figure it out, try Google).
Anyway, every time I come across the clock at "11:11" I wish for: Health, Happiness and Courage!

Good Night, Good Morning!



Searching for balance

It’s been quite awhile since my last blog, but i need some self-therapy…<< this is inspired by someone I've never met or spoke to, who frankly and honestly put her thoughts into words.

It's kinda hard to write about how u feel u have failed and then put it on a public platform, but putting it out there is the best way to de-stress.

Well 2011 is almost over and 2012 will be here and quite frankly I still can't believe how fast this year went. It's been a very tough year for me, mentally & physically.

2010: I was flying high on life. I had regained myself physically by shedding around 40lbs and was making strides to better myself by moving, going back to school & becoming more independent.

The end of 2011: I’ve been slipping and sliding HARD. I fell swan-dived off the wagon and feel trapped in my fat self again. And no I’m not talking about the oh i gained 5 lbs woes. You would think by this time around I would’ve realized mid sabotage. I think the hardest part is knowing what to do but getting in your own way over and over again. There’s no part of me right now that’s the former super fit, ripped athlete. Since I made my last “transformation” I have gained a lot of fitness friends and quite frankly sometimes I wish I wasn’t surrounded by such fit people. I feel like an imposter & uncomfortable again. :-/

•It will take a lot of discipline and hard work to regain ME! (motivation)

Round 3: I’ll have to figure it out solo since I will no longer be using a coach. Part of this honestly terrifies me because before I had a very specific plan with meals, workouts and a fitness professional to bug whenever I needed. But plenty of other people have done it solo and I can too. It would be really easy for me to pick up another “coach” but I haven’t come across anyone yet i don’t think will put me through dietary and cardio hell. And honestly it would be a waste of my time and their time too b/c I already know I’m not doing 10-20 hours of cardio a week and eating fish and broccoli at every meal and not lifting heavy to help “slim me down”. I do have one person that I would like to use when I’m ready. For now I’m just doing what I’ve done in the past and depending on the next few upcoming weeks I guess I’ll see. Looking to enjoy training and fueling again. Ideally I would love to compete again but if it happens in 2012 I’m not totally sure. I need to regain a positive image before I can worry about competing.

School: Well when all your friends are just mere months away from graduation or moving on to their awesome jobs and your tunnel seems an eternity long it kinda sucks A LOT! I have about another 4 semesters left until graduation & then I will be throwing myself into the “real world” with a whole new set of worries to greet me 🙂 Although 4 semesters might not seem like a lot I feel like it is.

•May 2013, Dual-Masters Graduate: M.S. Sport Management & MBA!!! (motivation)

Personal: Aside from my non-existent dating life and extremely limited social life I’ve gotten to hang out with myself a lot. 🙂

•I feel once I’m in a better place the other 2 will fall into place. (motivation)

Job: Well technically I go to an office 5 days a week but I don’t really get a check. Haha. I work at my school and they pay my tuition so I guess you can look at it is a check in that way. Some days are better than others and some days I’m looking for the quickest way out! I’m really needing my time here to pay off for me career wise, so I can feel my partial misery was at least worth it. No joke I got an e-mail one day and had a complete breakdown. Like tears and total frustration and extreme home sickness <Who Am I?!?
I NEVER get emotional or homesick so this was a tough day to say the least.
But the whole moolah situation is pretty non existent which is not good.

•Hoping to apply for a job this summer to relieve some of this stress (motivation)

I cannot go through 2012 the same!

Making some mini goals for 2012:
•Healthy, fit, positive Me
•Finish the school year strong!
•A job to help with bills

*deep breathe*
Time to Grind Hard and Live Fit!

Step into my shoes….

LOL I started this post like 3 months ago & just now finished it. Oops!

So it’s been about half past forever since I’ve put up any kind of post. Whoops!

This week’s topic is: A Typical Day in the Life of Me!

I’m not even sure it’s really possible for me to answer this since my life is a complete circus 99.99% of the time.

Currently things are “slow” it’s the summer time and so all I have to worry about is work & my training! Seems super simple but somehow it can be quite complicated.

Let’s take today for example:
2AM or 3AM. Go to bed. Why?!? Who knows, lol I was just up!

8AM: my watch alarm goes off every single day! I’m not quite sure why I have it set to this time but I figure it’s a good daily hour to wake up.

I stay awake long enough to sift through all the glorious e-mails I’ve somehow received in the past 5 or 6 hours. Some are from evil places like Coldstone Creamery saying, “C’mon in, who cares if you have to walk in a teeny tiny bikini in front of a judging panel under bright lights & stand next to other gorgeous women!”

Others tend to set up my weekly schedule of appointments, reminders and meetings!! YAY responsibility! :-/

9AM: I finally crawl out of bed and am thankful that today I only have to kick my own butt once since I only have a single training session!

10AM: I start to prep the meals I will need for that day and get all spiffy.

10:30AM: I then often get a message from my manager asking me to run uber important tasks like picking up bags of ice from the store, since I’m apparently the only one capable of such a task! But today at 8AM she sent me an urgent message to call her right back to say I would be needed at 11:30AM, ummm…ok I’ll be there since I’m scheduled to start at 11AM.

11AM: I go to “work.” I once again am lucky enough to sit in a blazing hot restaurant all day smelling delicious food that I can not eat! It’s blazing hot b/c I sit near the oven that is 500* and the A/C is broke! Oh let’s not forget that I schlepp around the city delivering orders too since our delivery driver is incapable of driving within a 4 mile radius. Jealous?!? lol

4:30pm I get off work and make a bee-line for my house! One of two reasons: 1) I’m hungry and want to eat at home 2)I’m tired and want to get home and eat so I can take a nap!

7pm: Today was a lil extra fun since I decided to buy REAL furniture! Yes I’m 25 and have never owned furniture. Until today baby!!!!
Well this was all fun and exciting until I realized the elevator was too small and I had to carry stuff down 4 flights of stairs and then back up 8 flights! oh and let’s not forget the random hurricane that just decided to blow through at this exact same time!

THANKFULLY I met some really nice people that helped me out of the kindess of their heart! 🙂 YaY nice people!

10:30PM: Devour Meal #4 Pre-Workout fuel! Yep you read right it’s nearly the next day & I have yet to hit up the gym!

I let all the carby & protein goodness flow thru my blood and then I go lift a bunch of heavy stuff repeatedly!!

Come home…shower up & get some FOOD!!!

Chill out on the couch and dibble dabble on the net until it’s time to eat again! Yay food, glorious FOOD!!

And then I manage to keep myself mildly entertained before I decide eh prob should go to sleep at some point.



Tonight was definitely a BGP session!

BGP = Big Girl Panties 🙂

Some days you gotta suit up and put on your BGP’s and grind it out like someone owes you some money AND just stepped on your dog. 

The squat rack was STILL broke phi broke at the big gym so I had to head to the dungeon —->

Today I def had a fire lit under my booty during my AM session and needed a little extra push to finish off my sweatastic Tuesday!

Now at the dungeon there are no baby plates (#2.5’s) well there is ONE but that doesn’t bode well for symmetry. Somewhere someone is getting SWOLE with a single #2.5 lb plate. Watch out folks!! 

So I had to make an executive decision in the squat rack either I could finish off with 3 sets of #175 or I could put on some BGP’s and stack em up! 

Well I’m a betting girl so I added the #25 plate and unracked it…

So as I stood there with #185 on my back. I had one speed GO!

Moves like Jagger

I busted out 8 reps!!!
Woohoo flying high only #15 lbs from my goal!!! 

Oh and I wasn’t done yet. By now i had so much freaking adrenaline pumping through my body in conjunction with a bombass playlist I decided to go for BGP’s Round #2 on deadlifts!

Yes Ma’am [#195 X 10] for 3 sets!

In the mix was also a bunch of scintillating quad & hamstring thrashing but these were my “big” lifts!

Anywho needless to say I was one drop of sweat away from filling an Olympic size swimming pool!
Team USA!!


Shoutout to all my Muscle Building Chica’s out there lifting HEAVY!

Monday Shenanigans

Hell YES!

Today was a good mirror day at the gym. As I had to wipe the copious amounts of sweat from my face I wasn’t totally mortified at what I saw when I lifted my shirt! Take that belly fat!

Got a sweet training video for Rack Pulls & managed to workout mid-day!

Side note: I am NOT your mother and this is NOT your home clean up your weights douche bag!!! Why would u put away one dumbbell and then leave the other on the floor?!? You CAN put it away, it will NOT kill you!

Besides now you’ve lifted that massive #50 DB one more time on your right then your left I think your bicep might fall off completely!!! grrrrrrrrr

Back to Happy-Ville 🙂

I won’t be hungry!

Someone asked the question the other day….

As a competitor do you plan prep/comp around your life or your life around comps?

For me I plan prep around my life. There is ALWAYS something coming up that makes the “prep life” less than ideal. Whether it’s a special event, dinner with friends, work, school, LIFE. So I always have to plan ahead to ensure I’m staying on track.

This week I just happen to have a work event that will require me to be away for several days. The first thing I think about is how many meals, where will I train, what will I have to adjust in my schedule to make it all fit?! Usually anything over 24 hours makes me wanna poke my eye out since each additional day means prepping 6 more meals. LOL. I loathe meal prep!

BUT it’s life and if I want to achieve my goals I gotta “Suck it up, Buttercup!”

So that leads me to tonight! Most people are enjoying the last bit of their weekend by lounging on their couch or relaxing. ME? hahahaha I’m in the kitchen with the radio blasting trying to make meal prep as fun least miserable as possible. Once I get in a groove things begin to run like a well oiled machine and in the end I’m glad that I won’t have to think about packing food for the next several days!

There are several things I’ve realized with having to plan for “eating on the road”:

  • I can eat ANYTHING cold!
  • If I have a spoon/fork it’s a good day!
  • My day is surrounded by a  crap ton of Ziploc baggies and plastic Tupperware
  • I will NOT be hungry due to a lack of meals!

On the road again….

So if you travel often & are using it as an excuse to ruin all your previous hard work…..find a new excuse because “that ish ain’t cutting it!”


Grind Hard Live Fit 🙂