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Challenge(d)- Week 3

Challenge(d)- Week 3



It’s the end of week 3 for the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge and I definitely have accountability to thank for not faltering on my challenge goal and sticking to the nutritional guidelines. Lots of random cravings some are normal and others are just odd. But…I can honestly say that although it’s definitely been a challenge to not have a treat here or there, it’s allowed me to succeed in other areas. 

1) Going shopping in my own closet! (plus)

2) Seeing small changes! (plus)

3) Accepting & adhering to a challenge! (plus)

Now it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. There are days when it would be easy to just have some ice cream or trail mix or etc but that’s the easy way and I like knowing I’m  stronger than that. Whatever food item I think I need know will still be there tomorrow, next week, month or year so just keep holding strong!!!

1) saved money watching friends eat at lunches & dinners (plus) 🙂

2) people will call you out if you’re offered junk (plus)

Work Flow:

And so the busy gets busier! Haha not quite sure how I’m going to fit it all in, but I seem to manage somehow so it’ll work out.

I’ll be doing gradschool, working in student affairs at the university, interning with Fashletics, working with the Parks & Rec Dept. doing facilities and special events and doing WERQ in the gym! 🙂

Gym Chats:

I’ve been on a roll in the gym & feeling strong! I’ve done a couple workouts lately where it’s been quite taxing but the feeling of accomplishment is awesome!

1) Josh Taylor WOD

2) SeeFit WOD’s

3) Daily WOD’s 🙂

I got a chance to train with some of the coaches today at my box and that was pretty freaking cool!

We worked on some heavy snatches and then did a WOD.

Goals: I want a triple digit SNATCH!!!!

I was able to push myself in the WOD & I was surprised at how well I did. I stuck with the “big dogs” and was only 2 min off my coach and he competes!


1000m row

20 Deadlifts (185/123) I used #125

30 Box Jumps (30″/24″) I used 24″

40 Front Squats (95/65) I used #65

Broad Jumps for 50m

800m run

**For every 5 minute in the gym you must do 10 Burpees & 1 rope climb to 15ft.**

I ended up having to do two rounds (Thank goodness)

Time: 17:43 😉

Give it a shot and see how you can push yourself!!

Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit!


Beyond the Body

Here’s a great article to read, it highlights the importance of attitude and determination and not just society’s standard of “beauty”

Article Link: The CrossFit Journal Beyond the Body

If you as a woman believe
in toning or tightening,
you have bought the lie!

Happy reading! 🙂

Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit

“Josh Taylor”

For anyone interested this Saturday there will be a Memorial WOD @:
SF CrossFit Endurance Training Facility
5150 SW 48th Way #614
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314

WOD Times: 9am, 10am, 11am

In memory of Josh Taylor who passed away 5 years ago on Father’s Day.

“Josh Taylor”


For time~
100 Double Unders
C2B Pull-ups
Ground to Overhead (#155/105)

Any questions? E-mail me at kendra@fashletics.com


Short N Sweet

“Sometimes you don’t realize what you’re truly capable of…”

Today I learned this during my workout.

The workout: “Grace”

30 Clean & Jerks

Umm….yea I was a little unsure on how I would do with the cleans since it’s not really my strongest movement especially 30 times in a row.

To date my best clean is around 125 lbs.

I decided to go with 83 lbs for this workout even though my initial “tester rep” I thought holy crap this is heavy.

3-2-1 GO!

3 minutes and 52 seconds later I beasted it!!!

Looking back, next time I’ll be able to work more efficiently and get better results.

Overall, I was really happy with myself for accomplishing something that was a little unnerving for me on paper.

Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit

Challenge Week Two

See I can update my blog on a consistent basis…haha

Well it’s Week Two of the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge and things are going pretty well. My break-up with oatmeal hasn’t been as painful as I thought it would, primarily because of sweet potatoes. If I had to eat my way through my diet just on vegetables I’m pretty certain I would’ve faltered died.

A part of the challenge is to NOT weigh in for the 30 days….yea this may be the hardest part. Every time I step in my bathroom I see that little scale just calling my name. The smart choice would be to remove the scale but I’ve chosen to keep it there as a test of a different sort.

The workouts have been going really well, I use to remember craving rest days like it was a box of cookies and could never understand how people couldn’t. Well I guess now I do, when you love what you’re doing you crave it daily. But I’m also smart and know the importance of rest & recovery in training so I take it in stride!

So my non-numbers based updates: Clothes that were once too tight and made me feel…well….chunky are loose! (#WIN), I still do mirror checks out of habit and those are revealing a leaner me (#WIN), I’m actually interested in clothes shopping again because I’m not petrified by the idea of being a size ??. (#WIN, except for my bank account 🙂 ).

There’s a lot to say about not focusing on the “numbers” and just enjoying the transformation!


Last blog I spoke about an internship opportunity that I was waiting to hear about and well….I GOT IT! (#BOOM). Very excited to be working with Sarah & Alex at Fashletics. Check the site out!

I will be doing a variety of tasks (administration, special events, etc.) but ultimately I hope to do as much as possible and learn everything.

Fist-Bumps of the Week:

  • Gaining confidence
  • Getting stronger
  • New internship
  • Tackling Week 1
  • Finishing one of my summer classes!!!! (I think the new free time will leave me wandering like a lost puppy, haha)

Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit


Step into my shoes….

LOL I started this post like 3 months ago & just now finished it. Oops!

So it’s been about half past forever since I’ve put up any kind of post. Whoops!

This week’s topic is: A Typical Day in the Life of Me!

I’m not even sure it’s really possible for me to answer this since my life is a complete circus 99.99% of the time.

Currently things are “slow” it’s the summer time and so all I have to worry about is work & my training! Seems super simple but somehow it can be quite complicated.

Let’s take today for example:
2AM or 3AM. Go to bed. Why?!? Who knows, lol I was just up!

8AM: my watch alarm goes off every single day! I’m not quite sure why I have it set to this time but I figure it’s a good daily hour to wake up.

I stay awake long enough to sift through all the glorious e-mails I’ve somehow received in the past 5 or 6 hours. Some are from evil places like Coldstone Creamery saying, “C’mon in, who cares if you have to walk in a teeny tiny bikini in front of a judging panel under bright lights & stand next to other gorgeous women!”

Others tend to set up my weekly schedule of appointments, reminders and meetings!! YAY responsibility! :-/

9AM: I finally crawl out of bed and am thankful that today I only have to kick my own butt once since I only have a single training session!

10AM: I start to prep the meals I will need for that day and get all spiffy.

10:30AM: I then often get a message from my manager asking me to run uber important tasks like picking up bags of ice from the store, since I’m apparently the only one capable of such a task! But today at 8AM she sent me an urgent message to call her right back to say I would be needed at 11:30AM, ummm…ok I’ll be there since I’m scheduled to start at 11AM.

11AM: I go to “work.” I once again am lucky enough to sit in a blazing hot restaurant all day smelling delicious food that I can not eat! It’s blazing hot b/c I sit near the oven that is 500* and the A/C is broke! Oh let’s not forget that I schlepp around the city delivering orders too since our delivery driver is incapable of driving within a 4 mile radius. Jealous?!? lol

4:30pm I get off work and make a bee-line for my house! One of two reasons: 1) I’m hungry and want to eat at home 2)I’m tired and want to get home and eat so I can take a nap!

7pm: Today was a lil extra fun since I decided to buy REAL furniture! Yes I’m 25 and have never owned furniture. Until today baby!!!!
Well this was all fun and exciting until I realized the elevator was too small and I had to carry stuff down 4 flights of stairs and then back up 8 flights! oh and let’s not forget the random hurricane that just decided to blow through at this exact same time!

THANKFULLY I met some really nice people that helped me out of the kindess of their heart! 🙂 YaY nice people!

10:30PM: Devour Meal #4 Pre-Workout fuel! Yep you read right it’s nearly the next day & I have yet to hit up the gym!

I let all the carby & protein goodness flow thru my blood and then I go lift a bunch of heavy stuff repeatedly!!

Come home…shower up & get some FOOD!!!

Chill out on the couch and dibble dabble on the net until it’s time to eat again! Yay food, glorious FOOD!!

And then I manage to keep myself mildly entertained before I decide eh prob should go to sleep at some point.


Monday Shenanigans

Hell YES!

Today was a good mirror day at the gym. As I had to wipe the copious amounts of sweat from my face I wasn’t totally mortified at what I saw when I lifted my shirt! Take that belly fat!

Got a sweet training video for Rack Pulls & managed to workout mid-day!

Side note: I am NOT your mother and this is NOT your home clean up your weights douche bag!!! Why would u put away one dumbbell and then leave the other on the floor?!? You CAN put it away, it will NOT kill you!

Besides now you’ve lifted that massive #50 DB one more time on your right then your left I think your bicep might fall off completely!!! grrrrrrrrr

Back to Happy-Ville 🙂

I won’t be hungry!

Someone asked the question the other day….

As a competitor do you plan prep/comp around your life or your life around comps?

For me I plan prep around my life. There is ALWAYS something coming up that makes the “prep life” less than ideal. Whether it’s a special event, dinner with friends, work, school, LIFE. So I always have to plan ahead to ensure I’m staying on track.

This week I just happen to have a work event that will require me to be away for several days. The first thing I think about is how many meals, where will I train, what will I have to adjust in my schedule to make it all fit?! Usually anything over 24 hours makes me wanna poke my eye out since each additional day means prepping 6 more meals. LOL. I loathe meal prep!

BUT it’s life and if I want to achieve my goals I gotta “Suck it up, Buttercup!”

So that leads me to tonight! Most people are enjoying the last bit of their weekend by lounging on their couch or relaxing. ME? hahahaha I’m in the kitchen with the radio blasting trying to make meal prep as fun least miserable as possible. Once I get in a groove things begin to run like a well oiled machine and in the end I’m glad that I won’t have to think about packing food for the next several days!

There are several things I’ve realized with having to plan for “eating on the road”:

  • I can eat ANYTHING cold!
  • If I have a spoon/fork it’s a good day!
  • My day is surrounded by a  crap ton of Ziploc baggies and plastic Tupperware
  • I will NOT be hungry due to a lack of meals!

On the road again….

So if you travel often & are using it as an excuse to ruin all your previous hard work…..find a new excuse because “that ish ain’t cutting it!”


Grind Hard Live Fit 🙂

W.I.A.W.–Couch Bum Edition

So apparently there’s this whole blogging world that exists, where people show their food for a day…so I thought I’d join the party!

My version of W.I.A.W. (What I Ate Wednesday)

This is my food for my lower activity or OFF days where I become a couch bum!!

This is how my day begins….

After I drag myself out of bed & check every social network AND e-mail account possible I eat my first meal of the day

Oatmeal sprinkled w/ a crap ton of cinnamon and banana’s

Whey Protein Shake (Shake, shake Senora)…and yes I drink it straight from the blender with NO shame! It’s MINE, I’m the only one who uses it and it’s one less dish to clean!

Next up it’s time for a “snack”

Chicken and Potatoes! Oh and some fish oil (YUM) 😉 I eat 99.9% of my meals with a spoon 😉

And then about 45 minutes later my stomach is speaking in tongues because I’m hungry AGAIN! what?!!?

I somehow manage to wait it out until my next meal….

 Chicken and Brown rice and some more fish oil! (sorry Nemo)

After I’ve hit the 3 meal mark I always feel like it’s downhill from there & with each passing meal I get a little sadder ;(

Anyways meal 4….

Whey Protein pudding and natural peanut butter! It may look O_o but don’t knock it until you try it!

The day is coming to a close but not before some more delicious-ness!

Meal 5…

 Sirloin steak, green beanies, and almonds! I was looking closely at this pic thinking OMG did I use a real fork?! Nope, plastic all the way!

And the grand finale….

Meal 6…

Egg whites, egg, chedda’ and green beanies!

I tried to be a food blogger and use a real dish instead of my usual plastic “china”

 Deep sigh…..