Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!

Challenge Week Two

See I can update my blog on a consistent basis…haha

Well it’s Week Two of the Whole30 Nutrition Challenge and things are going pretty well. My break-up with oatmeal hasn’t been as painful as I thought it would, primarily because of sweet potatoes. If I had to eat my way through my diet just on vegetables I’m pretty certain I would’ve faltered died.

A part of the challenge is to NOT weigh in for the 30 days….yea this may be the hardest part. Every time I step in my bathroom I see that little scale just calling my name. The smart choice would be to remove the scale but I’ve chosen to keep it there as a test of a different sort.

The workouts have been going really well, I use to remember craving rest days like it was a box of cookies and could never understand how people couldn’t. Well I guess now I do, when you love what you’re doing you crave it daily. But I’m also smart and know the importance of rest & recovery in training so I take it in stride!

So my non-numbers based updates: Clothes that were once too tight and made me feel…well….chunky are loose! (#WIN), I still do mirror checks out of habit and those are revealing a leaner me (#WIN), I’m actually interested in clothes shopping again because I’m not petrified by the idea of being a size ??. (#WIN, except for my bank account 🙂 ).

There’s a lot to say about not focusing on the “numbers” and just enjoying the transformation!


Last blog I spoke about an internship opportunity that I was waiting to hear about and well….I GOT IT! (#BOOM). Very excited to be working with Sarah & Alex at Fashletics. Check the site out!

I will be doing a variety of tasks (administration, special events, etc.) but ultimately I hope to do as much as possible and learn everything.

Fist-Bumps of the Week:

  • Gaining confidence
  • Getting stronger
  • New internship
  • Tackling Week 1
  • Finishing one of my summer classes!!!! (I think the new free time will leave me wandering like a lost puppy, haha)

Until next time,

Grind Hard Live Fit


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