Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!

That’s what friends are for

I recently found myself getting into a funk and got some much needed “words” from a few friends. 🙂

One from a guy friend who bluntly put like guys often do, “Girl bring your butt! You need to be training on ALL cylinders like a swim suit bodybuilder!” “I’m here to motivate and be a partner for your goals.” I couldn’t help but laugh & think to myself, “Thank you!”

One from a girl friend: She messaged me frazzled about life and trying to balance it all. I usually can give great advice but if I were to echo my own advice that would be a good start too. I told her, “Try focusing on one area and make small goals within that.”
Our areas of focus are Career, Personal and Physical (Fitness) life. For me I’m planning on focusing on Physical, then Career, then Personal. The amount of confidence you carry when you, “Look good, feel good” might be vain & shallow to most but for me it isn’t.

She then told me her mini-goals within the main goal and asked me mine and I replied, “Oh…. idk.” This was NOT okay…lol. She blurted out NO, you have to know or how else will you know how you’re doing. Touché!

So my mini-physical goal is to lose 10 lbs. by the end of March! That’s 43 days away! I know in order to do this I have to be consistent with my nutrition, training and recovery.

So maybe you’re in a funk of your own or struggling to make your goals a reality. Try breaking them up into mini-goals and setting concrete, tangible goals and then tell someone about them! I really feel the last step is crucial, having others who support you aware of what you’re working on makes you more accountable.

That’s all for now….

Grind Hard Live Fit


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