Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!

Step into my shoes….

LOL I started this post like 3 months ago & just now finished it. Oops!

So it’s been about half past forever since I’ve put up any kind of post. Whoops!

This week’s topic is: A Typical Day in the Life of Me!

I’m not even sure it’s really possible for me to answer this since my life is a complete circus 99.99% of the time.

Currently things are “slow” it’s the summer time and so all I have to worry about is work & my training! Seems super simple but somehow it can be quite complicated.

Let’s take today for example:
2AM or 3AM. Go to bed. Why?!? Who knows, lol I was just up!

8AM: my watch alarm goes off every single day! I’m not quite sure why I have it set to this time but I figure it’s a good daily hour to wake up.

I stay awake long enough to sift through all the glorious e-mails I’ve somehow received in the past 5 or 6 hours. Some are from evil places like Coldstone Creamery saying, “C’mon in, who cares if you have to walk in a teeny tiny bikini in front of a judging panel under bright lights & stand next to other gorgeous women!”

Others tend to set up my weekly schedule of appointments, reminders and meetings!! YAY responsibility! :-/

9AM: I finally crawl out of bed and am thankful that today I only have to kick my own butt once since I only have a single training session!

10AM: I start to prep the meals I will need for that day and get all spiffy.

10:30AM: I then often get a message from my manager asking me to run uber important tasks like picking up bags of ice from the store, since I’m apparently the only one capable of such a task! But today at 8AM she sent me an urgent message to call her right back to say I would be needed at 11:30AM, ummm…ok I’ll be there since I’m scheduled to start at 11AM.

11AM: I go to “work.” I once again am lucky enough to sit in a blazing hot restaurant all day smelling delicious food that I can not eat! It’s blazing hot b/c I sit near the oven that is 500* and the A/C is broke! Oh let’s not forget that I schlepp around the city delivering orders too since our delivery driver is incapable of driving within a 4 mile radius. Jealous?!? lol

4:30pm I get off work and make a bee-line for my house! One of two reasons: 1) I’m hungry and want to eat at home 2)I’m tired and want to get home and eat so I can take a nap!

7pm: Today was a lil extra fun since I decided to buy REAL furniture! Yes I’m 25 and have never owned furniture. Until today baby!!!!
Well this was all fun and exciting until I realized the elevator was too small and I had to carry stuff down 4 flights of stairs and then back up 8 flights! oh and let’s not forget the random hurricane that just decided to blow through at this exact same time!

THANKFULLY I met some really nice people that helped me out of the kindess of their heart! 🙂 YaY nice people!

10:30PM: Devour Meal #4 Pre-Workout fuel! Yep you read right it’s nearly the next day & I have yet to hit up the gym!

I let all the carby & protein goodness flow thru my blood and then I go lift a bunch of heavy stuff repeatedly!!

Come home…shower up & get some FOOD!!!

Chill out on the couch and dibble dabble on the net until it’s time to eat again! Yay food, glorious FOOD!!

And then I manage to keep myself mildly entertained before I decide eh prob should go to sleep at some point.



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