Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!


Tonight was definitely a BGP session!

BGP = Big Girl Panties 🙂

Some days you gotta suit up and put on your BGP’s and grind it out like someone owes you some money AND just stepped on your dog. 

The squat rack was STILL broke phi broke at the big gym so I had to head to the dungeon —->

Today I def had a fire lit under my booty during my AM session and needed a little extra push to finish off my sweatastic Tuesday!

Now at the dungeon there are no baby plates (#2.5’s) well there is ONE but that doesn’t bode well for symmetry. Somewhere someone is getting SWOLE with a single #2.5 lb plate. Watch out folks!! 

So I had to make an executive decision in the squat rack either I could finish off with 3 sets of #175 or I could put on some BGP’s and stack em up! 

Well I’m a betting girl so I added the #25 plate and unracked it…

So as I stood there with #185 on my back. I had one speed GO!

Moves like Jagger

I busted out 8 reps!!!
Woohoo flying high only #15 lbs from my goal!!! 

Oh and I wasn’t done yet. By now i had so much freaking adrenaline pumping through my body in conjunction with a bombass playlist I decided to go for BGP’s Round #2 on deadlifts!

Yes Ma’am [#195 X 10] for 3 sets!

In the mix was also a bunch of scintillating quad & hamstring thrashing but these were my “big” lifts!

Anywho needless to say I was one drop of sweat away from filling an Olympic size swimming pool!
Team USA!!


Shoutout to all my Muscle Building Chica’s out there lifting HEAVY!


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