Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!

OOFD–Two-a-day Tuesday

This weeks O.O.F.D. (Outfit of the Day)

Last week I polled my tweeps asking if they are “matchy matchy” when they go to the gym or do they just grab whatever and get their sweat on?!

For the most part people are “matchy matchy”

For me it really depends…most of the time I try not to look like a bum since I’m a frequent visitor but it depends on my mood and whether I’m “feelin” it. If I feel like a baby hippo, I more than likely will rock the t-shirt and b-ball shorts but if I’m feeling “sassy” WATCH OUT! 🙂

And then there’s the other part of my day when I’m not at the gym and in the office and I try to dress “normal” since people mostly see me in spandex and Dri-fit gear.

So I named thisTwo-a-day Tuesday for a few reasons:

  • I sweat twice today
  • I shower twice today
  • I eat twice today times 3 😉

Now let’s get down to the fashion…

So I kinda remembered to photograph my outfits after I already got dressed for work so…the first outfit of the day is borrowed from a previous workout, but you get the gist 🙂

Outfit #1

  • Orange Nike Tank
  • Blue Nike Booty Shorts
  • Bright Orange socks and Blue Nike Free’s

 ^^ Matchy Matchy overload!

Outfit #2

For the most part my outfits are based around the SHOE!

^^ Today’s selection was a fabulous sky high, black patent peep toe stiletto! The higher the heel the closer to Jesus…AMEN!

I knew I wanted to wear my black pencil skirt and the rest of the outfit just sorta came together after that

  • Black Pencil Skirt
  • White Tank top
  • Black & Grey Striped sweater
  • Chunky Black belt <—- It’s VITAL that you pull the belt within an inch of your life, take one last breath and pull a little farther to get the “cinched” waist look!

Fun little accesories to jazz it up a bit!

Necklace!Silver Bangles

The grand finale….

Outfit #3

  • Basic Black Leggings
  • My “Swagga” T-shirt
  • Highlighter/Neon/Bright as he!! sports bra & P!nk HOT SOX
  • Blueish/Purpley Nike Free’s

The look: 


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