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Ok, so I think I’m on more of a blogging roll now… 😉 I mentioned in the previous blog: There
have been some “Do something CRAZY” changes!

Every so often I feel it’s a good idea to do one thing that scares the living crap out of you and well I found my next thing!
The whole idea came from my recent visit to meet up with my cousin in Chicago before my vacation….

We were walking through her cute, little neighborhood and it just had this vibe about it. We entered into this little boutique where instantly you were greeted as if we were all long lost friends. We stood around and chatted & shopped for awhile, when all of a sudden this girl came through the door. She walked in confidently with the most amazing hair EVER! She was rockin’ a twisted out FRO! I was literally in awe and a little envious. She joined the conversation and I immediately wanted to know any and everything about her hair. She was more than willing to share her journey, tips and nudges for me to start my own experience. After leaving the store I had this great idea that I was just gonna cut all my hair off and go Natural! I immediately texted my friend back home who’s natural about my crazy idea and this was her response…..

So yeah I went on vacation and came home 2 weeks later and then remembered oh yeah “my hair” ?!?! Normally I would just take my braids down, get a relaxer and then re-braid it later. But then I got to thinking…… <<< this often gets me in “sticky” situations 😉

I had 3 options:
1) Relaxer

2) Braids


So I once again texted my friend but this time was a little different….

Precisely .5 seconds later she called me! She was like OMG, you can’t just start a convo like that…haha but overall she was really excited for me. So all I had left to do at this point was to make an appointment and actually do it <<<easier said than done!

Check out this video to see if I followed through and stepped outside my comfort box a little further…


-grind hard live fit-


2 responses

  1. I love what you did….you can totally rock that style!

    July 19, 2011 at 11:09 pm

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