Just another B.A.M.F. typing away!

Long time no Blog!

Yes, I realize it’s been a long time…ehh what can you say I have a self prescribed disorder. When I discover something new I obsess over it & spend countless hours researcing it (google), looking at videos, pictures and blogs. So…yea I’ll try to be better and do more updates. ha riiiight

New stuff:
It’s summer << HOLY HOTNESS!! thank goodness for fans and A/C

I just got back from an amazing European vacation…i'm working on a video compilation!

I just started my Internship with another orientation for a different internship soon to come

I'm ready to say buh bye to excess "treats" and hello to Lean Legs, Ripped Arms, Sexy Abs and a Sculpted Back! << I call this Quest to the CUP!

There have been some "Do something CRAZY" changes!

I'm still trying to organize my apartment so it doesn't look like I just moved in even though I've lived there for a year.

~grind hard live fit~


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