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Judge Less, Encourage More


I recently uploaded this photo of Cameron Diaz into an album I have on Facebook. The album is entitled Old & Buff. The reason behind this is one day on the radio the DJ’s felt the need to comment on the physicality of Madonna and called her Old & Buff. So I decided to celebrate all the Old & Buff women out there, who look FABULOUS and have physique’s that many would kill for.

If this is Old & Buff, sign me up!

For the most part people were in agreeance that Cameron is quirky, talented and ripped BUT there’s always someone who feels the need to judge. <why hate?!>

Their comment was immature and quite frankly lame, who are you to judge?! Last time I checked NO ONE was perfect!

This lit a fire under me because well we ALL judge, whether we like to admit it or not. One way or another you have looked at someone and thought hmmph O_o

I get judged pretty much on a daily basis because I choose to eat clean and exercise with intensity.

Apparently living healthy isn’t cool!

Sometime’s it comes from a sincere place, where people are curious because they want to learn more and sometimes it comes from a negative place where people for whatever reason feel the need to offer their unsolicited advice on what I eat or how I train.

Perfect example: Advice giver: “Why are you eating brown rice if you want to lose weight? Don’t you know that carbs make you fat?”

Me: “**insert smile** Yea I’m sure this rice is making me fat, kind of how those Starbursts you just ate like they were going out of style are gonna help you “get BIG””

Advice giver #2: “Don’t you know Splenda is bad for you?”

Me: “**insert smile** Yea but those cookies you just SMASHED are the epitome of health”

I do it when I see people doing crazy things at the gym, walking down the street, or just in life.

So I think we should take a little time to judge less and encourage more.

  • Encourage women like Cameron who are representing a strong image as a role model vs. the “Hollywood” standard
  • Give a little woot woot when you see someone at the gym, even if they look coo-coo crazy. At least they are there putting in an effort even if it is misguided
  • Think twice before you offer “unsolicited” advice because you think you know it all

One response

  1. I am on the no judging bandwagon! Even with ourselves we have to stop judging. I am desperately trying to learn to do my best, love myself, and let others find their own path. It is totally freeing.

    AND sign me up for old and buff! 🙂

    April 2, 2011 at 1:04 pm

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